Social Life Of Harappan Civilization

Social Life Of Harappan Civilization Silent Features Of Town Planning

  1. Class System divided into 4 on the base of work – scholar class warrior class merchants class labour class.
  2. Matriarchal society and status of women was good – due excessive idols of mother godes
  3. Educated and peaceful society – Harappan script and trade shows that it was educated society.
  4. Food and clothing – were cotton woolen cloth food both vegitarian and non vegetarian.
  5. Mode of entertainment – fishing, fighting animals, hunting etc.
  6. Funeral – Three type burial system
    (A) Complete burial (Harappa)
    (B) Partial burial (Harappa)
    (C) Cremation (Mohenjodaro)
  7. No untouchability and no cast system.

Silent Features Of Town Planning Of The INDUS Valley CIVILIZATION

  1. Cities divided into two part
    (A) upper citidal “west”
    (B) lower for common people “east”
  2. Grid system followed in arrangement of houses and road.
  3. Use of burnt bricks.
  4. Large granary mohenjo daro and six granaries in Harappa.
  5. Great bath served as ritual bathing found in mohenjodaro.

Religious Life of Harappan Civilization

The religion of the Civilization can be estimated on the basis of seals ideas etc obtain from different sites.
Worship of Mother Goddess – ideals and seals have the figure of mother goddess
Natural Worshiper – People tree worship unicorn animal plant emerging from women womb.
Pashupati worshiper – statues Of beard priest obtain from mohenjodaro.
Swastik and Sun Worship – Swastik symbol obtained from Harappa.
Water Wallpaper – great bath mohenjo daro uni worship female organs.
Fire Worshiper – alter discovered from lothal and kalibangan.
Believe in ghost- use amulets as protection.

Town Planning of Harappan Civilization

Towns – Divided into two (A)critical (B) Lower part
Road – follow grid system + lumps pasts as individual.
Houses – doors did not open towards Road use of burnt bricks.
Drainage System – use of bunnt bricks, covered with bilt stone. Ran along the roads.

It is clear that this civilization was a developed urban civilization, which can guides construction of excellent city in present a india.

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