Airtel 5G Plus Plans launched in the states of India, will get free 5G service, now you will not have to take a new SIM card

Airtel 5G Plus Plans: Know in which states of India Airtel’s 5G service has been launched in 8 cities. Also, citizens living in cities will get what type of service they have to apply to get super fast internet speed experience on their 5G handset, apart from this Airtel users will not have to buy a new SIM card either. Users will also be given better network and call connection.

What is Airtel 5G Plus Service

Airtel is giving its service to its 5G service Airtel 5G Plus in about eight states in India. If you are wondering, what is the meaning of 5G Plus. This means, High Network System Service 5G only the name has been changed to 5G Plus. For Airtel 5G service, you will not need to do new SIM card and new recharge, you will be provided high quality service to SIM in 5G service from 4G itself.

In which states will Airtel 5G Plus offer its service

As you must be aware that you will not always be given this 5G service for free, in the instant, 5G service is being provided to you in 8 states in a short time. Recently 5G service will be given free by Airtel. When Airtel settled, 5G started giving 5G service on 1st October. But in urban talk time, Airtel 5G service is being provided in Delhi, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Siliguri, Mumbai, Chennai, Nagpur and Varanasi only. But after some time your service will start in almost all the states of India.

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