Electoral Bonds: Supreme Court rejects SBI plea, asks to disclose details


Electoral Bonds: Uncover the latest developments as the Supreme Court rejects SBI’s plea for non-disclosure of electoral bonds details, reshaping the transparency landscape. Dive into the intricate world of electoral bonds and explore the implications of this pivotal decision. The use of electoral bonds has been a topic of widespread discussion, and the recent decision … Read more

Political Life of Rig Vedic

Political Life of Rig Vedic

Political Life of Rig Vedic Social Life Of Rig Vedic 1 Purohit advisor of king and peyorm Religious rituals2 Sabha, Samiti, Vidatha and Gana were the assemblies in which sabha was the organisation of Noble people and samiti were the organisation of common people.3 Army consist of hot soldiers, charioteers4 King was the supreme authority … Read more

What Elvish Yadav Said After Viral Video of Him Assaulting YouTuber

What Elvish Yadav Said After Viral Video

What Elvish Yadav Said After Viral Video: Unveiling the aftermath of the viral video capturing Elvish Yadav assaulting a fellow YouTuber, this article delves into the statements made by the popular content creator. Brace yourself for a journey through the incident’s aftermath, exploring Yadav’s perspectives and reactions. What Elvish Yadav Said After Viral Video of … Read more

Next PM of Pakistan? Shehbaz and Bhutto hold talks amid ongoing tussle

Next PM of Pakistan

In the ever-evolving political landscape of Pakistan, recent talks between prominent political figures Shehbaz Sharif and Bhutto have sparked widespread speculation about the future political leadership of the country. This development comes amid an ongoing tussle within the political arena, leaving citizens and political enthusiasts alike curious about the potential next Prime Minister of Pakistan. … Read more

Pakistan Election Result 2024 Live Updates: Will try to form government with seats won, says senior Imran Khan aide

Pakistan Election Result 2024 Live Updates

Pakistan Election Result 2024 Live Updates. Pak caretaker PM denies ‘political motive’ behind suspension of phone services

Hamas Issues Warning: Israeli Rafah Operation Could Result in ‘Tens of Thousands’ of Casualties

Hamas Issues Warning

Prepare for the potential impact as Hamas warns that the Israeli Rafah operation may result in tens of thousands of casualties. Stay informed with this comprehensive article covering insights.