What Elvish Yadav Said After Viral Video of Him Assaulting YouTuber

What Elvish Yadav Said After Viral Video: Unveiling the aftermath of the viral video capturing Elvish Yadav assaulting a fellow YouTuber, this article delves into the statements made by the popular content creator. Brace yourself for a journey through the incident’s aftermath, exploring Yadav’s perspectives and reactions.

What Elvish Yadav Said After Viral Video of Him Assaulting YouTuber

Embark on a detailed exploration of Elvish Yadav’s responses post the viral video depicting an altercation with a fellow YouTuber. Understand the nuances of his statements, shedding light on the incident’s context and aftermath.

Social media influencer and Bigg Boss OTT 2 winner Elvish Yadav has responded to the viral video of him and his accomplices beating up YouTuber Sagar Thakur at a garments’ shop in Delhi.

First plan and play victim. My side of story which everyone should know. Ram Ram,” Yadav wrote on Instagram.

In a video on Instagram, Elvish Yadav alleged that Sagar Thakur threatened to harm the former and his family.

Tujhe aur tere gharwale ko zinda jala dunga. (I will burn you and your family members alive),” Yadav claimed Thakur told this to him over the phone when the Bigg Boss OTT 2 winner asked him to come to his house to talk out their issues.

The Immediate Response

Unraveling the immediate aftermath, this section dissects Yadav’s initial statements and reactions. Gain insights into the emotions and circumstances that shaped his immediate response to the unfolding events.

Addressing the Controversy

Delve into Elvish Yadav’s attempts to address the controversy surrounding the viral video. Explore the strategies employed by him to navigate the turbulent waters of online scrutiny and public opinion.

Personal Reflections

In this section, explore Yadav’s personal reflections on the incident. Understand how the experience impacted him on a personal and professional level, providing a glimpse into the human side of the popular YouTuber.

Lessons Learned

Discover the lessons Elvish Yadav extracted from the incident, reflecting on personal growth and evolving perspectives. Gain valuable insights into how adversity can become a catalyst for positive change.


What prompted the altercation between Elvish Yadav and the YouTuber?

Explore the underlying factors that led to the altercation, shedding light on the circumstances surrounding the incident.

How did Elvish Yadav’s audience react to the viral video?

Uncover the diverse reactions from Yadav’s audience, offering a glimpse into the dynamics of online fan communities.

Did Elvish Yadav face any consequences following the incident?

Understand the repercussions, if any, that Elvish Yadav faced professionally or personally as a result of the viral video.

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