Political Life of Rig Vedic Social Life Of Rig Vedic

Political Life of Rig Vedic Social Life Of Rig Vedic

1 Purohit advisor of king and peyorm Religious rituals.
2 Sabha, Samiti, Vidatha and Gana were the assemblies in which sabha was the organisation of Noble people and samiti were the organisation of common people.
3 Army consist of hot soldiers, charioteers.
4 King was the supreme authority of Law and Justice.
5 Senani was the Head of Military.

Social Life Of Rig Vedic

1 No child marriage.
2 status of women was good they have right to education, also participate in sabha and samiti.
3 No satisfaction and widow marriage.
4 Eat both vegetative and food and non vegetarian.
5 Horse race, chariot race dance, music mode of entertainment.

Religious Of Rig Vedic

1 Generally worship nature – sun, earth, moon, mountain, Agni, India was important good called pmandra 250 hyms, Agni 200hgms.
2 Female Goddess – Aditi, Usha Lock of idol worship and no temples.
3 concept of heven and hell.
4 praise and sacrifices to please the god.

Economic Life Of Rig Vedic

1 Mainly pastoral people main occupation cattle rearing.
2 Less ingaged in agriculture work grew barley. rice, wheat.
3 Industries often ingaged in textile industry, carpets charitor, potten etc. and metal industry.
4 Transportation or tade mainly internal trade, Pani were rejered as traders.
5 Mode of exchange was widely bartes system, probley wins, Nishka also used.

Rig Vedic Political System

1 Political Organization Administrative Unit.
2 Status of King.
3 Chief Administrative Officer.
4 Military Administration.
5 Administrative Council.
6 Law and Justice.

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